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Employment FAQ

A few pointers to help with your potential employment application:

How does your recruitment process work? Please see this page : Recruitment Process
What happens to personal information submitted via the job applicationweb form? Please see the Job Application section of our privacy policy: Privacy Policy
I don't have all of the documents or information you are requesting on the Job Application - is this OK? It greatly assists or recruitment process if you can submit as many relevant documents as possible with your online application. To meet legal and safety requirements we must verify that you hold current and appropriate licences to operate in certain positions. Uploading a PDF which includes scanned copies of all the relevant current operating licences is particularly helpful for this purpose. If you are having difficulty knowing what to submit please contact us for more information.
Why does the Job Application web form ask for visa/passprt information? We need to be certain you are legally entitled to work for us. Checking items such as your residency or visa status helps us meet our statutory obligations.
What file formats can I upload via the Job Application web form? Microsoft Word files: .doc or .docx. Adobe PDF, RTF (basic rich text files)
I uploaded the wrong file. How do I replace it? Once you have picked a file using the "Choose File" button you will see the name of the file appear to the right hand side of the box. If you realise that the file is not the file you wish to load, then simply click on the "Choose File" button again and pick a different file to upload.
I am seeing an error message when I submit my Job Application web form. How so I correct the error? After pressing the submit button you may see the following message if there is a problem within your application: "Your form has errors and has not been sent. Please correct the highlighted fields and try again". If you have accidentally loaded an unacceptable file type you will see the following message by each of the "Choose File" boxes that are causing a problem: "These files are not allowed to be uploaded". Please click on the "Choose File" box and pick a replacement fileto upload. Please note that even though a new file has been uploaded the error message will remain on screen until you have pressed the "submit" button located at the bottom of the web form. If you are encountering any other error messages  which you cannot resolve  please contact us for assistance.
How do I know that my application has been submitted?

After clicking the "submit" button on the application, your application and any supporting douments will be uploaded. the loading time will depend on the number of file attachments you are submitting but should be relatively quick. When the loading process is complete an acknowledgement message will appear at the bottom of the page.

How will I know if my application is progressing? Reilly Contractors will review job applications to select the candidates which are felt to best meet the job criteria and subsequently contact suitable applicants. We aim to make contact without delay.
I have more questions, please help. Please use our Contact page or email us at or call us on (08) 6305 0381.
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