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Goran's Big Dig!


Following on from our last news item, Mike and Liz Reilly would like to share some photos from Goran's Big Dig! 

The Start of what was going to be a very long 24hrs.. Whilst it's nice the trench sides hold up, it also means the ground is tight and certainly not the easiest of digs. Too late to turn back though...

------ Photo 1

No time to stop and eat...

------ Photo 2

Night time digging with Goran's mate Mike Reilly in the 2nd trench offering support...

------ Photo 3

Our very own Laura Tobin lends a hand in the '2nd trench' to give support to Goran and the Charities through the night...

------ Photo 4

The first ever Estimator with a Shovel in his hand, big Jarad...

------ Photo 5

Liz Reilly showing everyone how's it done in the '2nd trench'...

------ Photo 6

Liz & Mike Reilly offering their support...

------ Photo 7

Nearly there Goran.. "You can do it!"

------ Photo 8

10 mins to go after a long 23hrs & 50mins!

------ Photo 9

And finally affter 24 hours...

------ Photo 10

Mike Reilly stands beside an incredible individual, very inspiring. "An amazing 24hrs and it took literally Blood, sweat and tears to get there. I'm so proud of Goran and the team that assisted, it's very important that we take the time and help each other. In this case two very worthy charities."

If you would like to donate to Goran's Big Dig, please see below for the links to Camp Quality and Radio Lollipop. 

Camp Quality:

Radio Lollipop:

To see more of Goran's Big Dig, please take a moment to watch this video.

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